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The mystique of onyx

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The mystique of onyx is the central elements of design are space, line, form, color, and texture. Learning about these concepts and their applications will help you make your kitchen look good and feel good for all that enter your space!

The leading benefit of this stone is its translucent nature, which makes it seem almost refined to the touch. This allows for light to gleam through when placed behind the stone, providing beautiful back-lit backsplash and countertops in kitchens and bars.

Made from natural stone, there are many patterns and color variations. These countertops can last up to 100 years when looked after. Onyx is also extremely easy to clean.

This stone adds tremendous value to a home as it is a show-stopper type of stone that both compliments and elevates the décor in the home. Onyx’s unique characteristics and rarity make it an excellent choice for homeowners who not only want to incorporate natural stone into their homes but also create a signature, custom accent that is both elegant and luxurious.

This stone is a great choice to use in areas that are not regularly handled as accent pieces, as due to its delicate nature will not endure heavy wear. Many homeowners have used Onyx to create a countertop for banquet tables, small islands, side tables, or coffee tables, all of which can be backlit to enhance and accentuate the stone’s translucency. It can also be used to create fireplace surrounds, wall tiles, and panels. Beautifully carved lamp bases bowls, vases, and other decorative accents are further examples of these gorgeous stones' many applications.


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