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the nuuma brand was first conceptualized nearly a decade ago, taking the time to ensure every detail had been thought through and that the brand offering would surpass expectations. the brand takes its roots from refined simplicity and this is where the name was forged, taking inspiration from interior minimalism. nuuma is a south african born brand ensuring a customised design offering and distinct aesthetic.

nuuma brings a new kitchen culture that is focused on refined details, ensuring every design has at its core the people using it. a nuuma kitchen is therefore more than just a task area but rather an experience of sophistication and understated style. nuuma is proud to be an ordegroup company, gleaning from nearly two decades of expertise and manufacturing efficiency.



the blu_line brand is birthed with its

first showroom in johannesburg

new blu_line flagship showroom opens and brand grows at rapid pace

blu_line becomes part of ordegroup

blu_line continues pushing boundaries with launching of new showroom

the nuuma brand is conceptualised

the nuuma brand is registered as an ordegroup company

nuuma settles product offering to service the high end market with immense value

nuuma opens showroom in johannesburg

launch of curated luxury concept blu_line X

nuuma opens new flagship showroom

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