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A floating stone to cook on, floating table to eat at, and the glorious grey of grey stained veneer wood. Futuristic kitchen designs are the stuff of dreams!

Floating stones and tables Picture this: you just finished cooking a delicious meal on your floating stovetop, and now you are sitting down with family and friends at your levitating table top.

The thought of it might bring up memories of The Jetsons or even a recent movie that took place on board a spaceship, but the reality is far better! It still combines timeless elegance with postmodern ideas.

Yay for grey Caesarstone Piatra Grey countertops are a lighter alternative to black granite countertops. Add some grey stained veneer wood to incorporate a darker colour into your home without it becoming overpowering.

With the natural grain of the wood still visible, it is a chic and clever way to embrace the current design trends of dark kitchen cabinets and counters, which proves that you can accomplish an industrial look and still have an element of nature in it.

Duco spray high gloss Glossy kitchen cabinets with a silky paint finish can make your cabinets look as though you spent all night polishing them. These cabinets are somewhat reflective, creating the illusion of a bigger kitchen — similar to the way mirrors create the illusion of a bigger room!

Exposed glass displays You spent the better part of two weekends looking for wine glasses that match your design only to store it in a cupboard where they can’t be appreciated. Putting your favourite chic glasses on display can make your kitchen look like a classy photoshoot from a top decor magazine.

Having a futuristic kitchen can seem daunting at first — you picture stainless steel everything, fluorescent lights, and cold, impersonal space. You ask yourself how that can even remotely be considered cosy. The reality is that if you use the correct elements, you can make any design trend match your personal taste

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